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  • Our Story


    Growing up it was either sell drugs, become a professional athlete or become a music superstar. To make it out of the inner city, it takes an immense amount of loyalty to your craft. The lucky few who are able to make it out are seen as royalty when their stories are told.

    At Frontrvnners we are the new blueprint. We want to show the world how staying loyal to your craft can take you out of any unfortunate circumstance. We want people to keep in mind, that to achieve success through your craft makes you royalty in your own right.

    Whether you were born with a silver spoon or without a spoon at all, if you are staying loyal to your craft you are a Frontrvnner.

    - Joshua Jackai (Founder & Designer)

    The mantra

    since 2012


    “Loyalty initially royalty infinitely” is Frontrvnners’ law.

    Loyalty is a metaphor for staying dedicated to your passion(s) in life. Royalty is a metaphor for what success looks like from your perspective. Stay loyal to your passion(s) and rid yourself of anything and anybody that interferes.

    - rvnners club

    Our Belief

    The Guardian


    The guardian angel can be someone in your life or it can even be your own ideology about how to stay positive in all situations. The guardian angel is a reminder that there’s an angel looking over you. Keep rvnning.

    Stay Loyal To Your Craft.

    Stay Loyal To Your Craft.

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